Scientifically validated by New Zealand's World Class  Laboratories. 

At GreenKiwi Supplements we are proud of the products which we produce. We partner with leading New Zealand Laboratories to guarantee efficacy and quality. Extensively researching our extraction processes to ensure minimal bioactive molecular disturbance from our fresh olive leaf, formulating and backing claims with global independent published scientific evidence, offering unique natural health products that deliver support for your health, when and where you need it.


Oleuropein is an extensively researched bio active compound naturally found in the Olive Leaf.


Independent science has shown a direct correlation between Oleuropein and a healthy cardiovascular system, due to its powerful antioxidant properties.


While Oleuropein is naturally occurring in olive leaves it's part of the polyphenolic family of synergistic antioxidants, meaning for Oleuropein to offer its synergistic properties it must not be standardised, or heat treated.


This is why GreenKiwi OliveXtract is raw processed, and third party laboratory tested for Oleuropein concentration by one of New Zealand's leading laboratory and research institutes. From these exact batch test results we formulate each bottle we produce, meaning OliveXtract is free from Oleuropein standardisation or heat damage, offering science backed assurance of powerful, synergistic antioxidant activity.

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Hydroxytyrosol is a naturally occurring bioactive compound found in olive leaves. 1 of 12 compounds in the 'Polyphenol family' naturally present in the olive leaf, Hydroxytyrosol is the most powerful natural antioxidant compound on the planet. With an ORAC score of 68,000+ it's 3X more powerful the COQ10 in terms of its antioxidant capacity/effectiveness, and is small enough to reach the blood-brain barrier.

Oxygen Radicle Absorbance Capacity ORAC comparrison of Hydroxytyrosol Olive Leaf Polypheno

Independent quality testing

We know when it comes to supplements consistency is key, from when we take them, to ensuring that with each batch, and with each bottle quality is consistent to every-single time. That's why at GreenKiwi Supplements we partner with Asure Quality New Zealand as an independent batch testing laboratory giving you the confidence that each product we produce it's free from any harmful substances, chemicals  viruses, or germs, meeting world class quality standards for supplement manufacturing: GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice.


GMO Free

New Zealand's Origin is a place of purity where all the food grown here is proudly 100% free from GMO's GreenKiwi Supplements uses a 2 step independent origin  authentication system using the  buy New zealand made Kiwi and the FernMark license, giving you the assurance that the product your consuming is of an 100% pure source from a place which groand free form GMO's ws food thats natural and free that place is New Zealand


Our trusted laboratories and manufacturing partners

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