• OliveXtract

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    Immune Support, Cardiovascular Health and Cellular Defence



    Pure, Fast Acting, Science Backed, Natural Health Support.

    GreenKiwi OliveXtract is GreenKiwi Supplements' propreitory New Zealand Grown Olive Leaf Supplement. Harnessing the science backed efficacy of New Zealand Grown Olive Leaf, OliveXtract delivers real natural health support you can feel.


    Grown in the pollution free, high UVB environment of the Far North of New Zealand. Science shows supporting evidence that Olive Leaf that is grown in this temperate climate, allows for superior levels of Phenolic Antioxidants compared to any other growing region in the northern hemisphere; and only 3 other regions in the southern hemisphere.


    Supporting science: 







    • Containing naturally high levels of science backed phyto-nutrients, including  Oleuropein, Apigenin, and Flavonoids, GreenKiwi OliveXtract supports a healthy balance of the essential Immune System 'Messenger' - Cytokines. 

      With a healthy balance of Cytokines your body is able to release Viral Fighting Antibodies quickly and effectivly. This allows you to Recover Better and Faster, during Immune compromised times.

    Here at GreenKiwi Supplements we work with passionate Kiwis to develop highly effective, New Zealand grown
    natural health products that fit key consumer demands.