OliveXtract Subscription - 1 Month
  • OliveXtract Subscription - 1 Month

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    The OliveXtract subscription. Save 50% off the individual price. Designed for people who are looking to support Immune perfomance and optimal cell health everyday. Simple auto renewal ensures you don't run out at the end of the month, and you can pause or cancel at any time.


    OliveXtract delivers powerful synergestic Antioxidants, naturally and effectivly, harnessing the science backed effciacy of New Zealand Grown Olive Leaf, supporting Immune system response, and optimal cell health.



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    Subscribe and save 50% each month
    $37.50monthly/ auto-renew
    • OliveXtract  is uniquely powerful. We take the finest New Zealand Grown Olive Leaves, grown in the pure, temperate climate of the far north, batch tested for the Acive compound Oleuropein. Bio-active Oleuropein has been scientificlly validated to  to help maintain healthy cytokine leves in the body, the chemical messengers which regulate your Immune system response. Evidence also suggests Olive Leaf's synegestic Antixidants have a greater Oxygen Radicle absorbance capacity in comparision to conventional Vitmain C. 


      Oleurpoein and Polyphenolic compounds have been extensivly researched for their aplication for the dialation of coronoary blood vessels, thus supporting blood flow to the heart and helping to maintain already normal blood pressure levels and cardiac rhythm.


    Here at GreenKiwi Supplements we work with passionate Kiwis to develop highly effective, New Zealand grown
    natural health products that fit key consumer demands.